Re: retention of summary attribute for TABLE element

Hi all,

I have just joined the list, and I gotta start somewhere, so here goes :-)

The summary attribute is also something that many screen reader users
are used to encountering when they come across a table, to change this
without any _good_ reason may not be a good idea. It is a feature that
provides useful information to the screen reader user and any equivalent
that is being suggested to change this, whether to improve on the
quality of information that can be revealed to the user agent, or make
it easier for authors, must be sound.

James wrote:
> according to [1] @summary is 
> present on about 2.5% of tables, I would expect it to be unhelpful on 
> many of those 

That may be true, but I guess thats a qualitative issue. Such as how
useful a summary of the tables purpose and content, it is. IMO @summary
is still important to the small percentage of users who need that
information. Never mind the issue of UA support for any future
*improvements* that may be conjured up.

Is there any consensus on what @summary would be replaced with if it
were to be deprecated?


Received on Wednesday, 13 June 2007 16:25:18 UTC