Re: Raising issues in a way that the editors will pay attention to them

Ian Hickson schreef:
>> I see "Italicised issues are those that have been marked as resolved."
>> None of those have been resolved by the WG, so I refined that to 
>> "Italicised issues are those that have are resolved to the satisfaction 
>> of the editor".
> I'd left it ambiguous because the issues may indeed not have been resolved 
> by an editor, but by anyone, for example when marking an issue as a 
> duplicate, or when an issue is clearly invalid. (The text before didn't 
> say "by the working group" either.) I've tried to make it clearer.
> I'm not sure what it means for an issue to be resolved by the working 
> group in this context.

On the subject of resolving, the issue Default style sheet 
<> has been marked 
RESOLVED, stating "There will be a rendering section to cover this."

I do not think things should be resolved if the thing that actually 
resolves it is not yet available…


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