Re: headers attribute (was Re: Form elements)

On 2007-06-03 03:12:14 +0200 Bill Mason <> wrote:

> First you talk about styling the headers,

Not the headers. But _with_ headers=, as a selector - ::headers.

> now you change it to styling the 
> cells.  When you decide what you want to do, please feel free to suggest it 
> to the CSS Working Group.  Or to an authoring group, since basically you just 
> want a tool for authors.

CSS is in general a tool for HTML authors. Both for error checking and real authoring. 

> I actually support keeping headers, but this is not a case that does anything 
> along that line.

So, what if a feature has _more_ than one «use case»? Then that means one or several _additinal_ use cases in favour of having that feature.

Since so many AT UAs are just «add-ons» to the visual UAs, it is quite likely that if the visual UA does not «get» an element or attribute, then the AT add-on does not get it either (one such example was mentioned in this list also). If, as HTML4 suggested more than 10 years ago, headers= could have be used for styling (I suppose HTML4 wanted to «tease» a little with that proposal), then even visual UAs would have had incentive to support that attribute. And this would have benefitted, in turn, the AT add-ons designed to work with that UA.
leif halvard silli

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