Re: 3.12.8 dfn automatic cross-referencing

2007/7/31, Ben Boyle:
> a. for any abbr (maybe other prose elements), if it is contained
> within a dfn ancestor than that dfn comprises the definition
> b. for any abbr (etc.) not contained within a dfn, find a matching
> element (same tagName, same textContent) that is contained within a
> dfn ancestor - let that be the definition.
> (n.b. a @title attribute would take precedence over these steps).
> This is fairly similar to the existing algorithm and will work with
> the example. It is not the same though (the current algorithm would
> find a matching dfn element without a nested abbr element).
> -------------------------
> Another option I'd support (which has been proposed before) would be
> using an idref relationship.
> <p>The <dfn id="GDO">Garage Door Opener (<abbr>GDO</abbr>)</dfn>
> is a device that allows off-world teams to open the iris.</p>
> <!-- ... later in the document: -->
> <p>Teal'c activated his <abbr idref="GDO">GDO</abbr>
> and so Hammond ordered the iris to be opened.</p>
> I've used @idref as an abstract name to illustrate the concept. I
> would not mind @for if that isn't too much overloading.

Attach two "defining terms" to <dfn> instead of one.
I already proposed it in [1] but it was in case the <dfn> had a single
child being an <abbr> with a title attribute. The use case is almost
the same though: being able to refer to a <dfn>/<abbr> without
repeating the title attribute each and every time.


Thomas Broyer

Received on Tuesday, 31 July 2007 14:49:21 UTC