<table presentation="pie"> (was: Re: <table chart="pie">)

MB> this should be done ... not overriding tables
You think, this is non-table ? You are wrong.
This is __other presentation__ of table.

                QUANTITY OF ROWS
                  1-3      4-...
alphabet           +        +
chart              +        -

  "Plus"-es mean,
that three rows can be displayed both by alphabet and by chart.
"Minus" means,
that it's impossible to display four (and above) rows,
because we can't draw 4D-space.

  As much as in MS Excel, 1-3 rows can be dispayed as chart,
if they contain only numbers (instead of words or embeded html-elements).

  I think to change @chart to @presentation with "numeric" as default value.
<table presentation="numeric / pie / etc">

PNA> Why not "simply" create an XHTML type of <chart> that has a
PNA> <chart_datapoint> member or something like that?
MB> bet way to handle this is to use XHTML
MB>     <body>
MB>      <chartns:piechart>
MB>       <chartns:data key="this" value="123"/>
MB>       <chartns:data key="that" value="456"/>
MB>      </chartns:piechart>
MB>     <body>
(1) Recall about razor of Occam: don't enter entity without needs.
(2) Because your way is __more__ (comparison characteristic) difficult
for applied specialists (biologists, technologists, etc). For simple man.

MB> A table is for tables, not charts.
PNA> it was not intended to be
Orthodox-ness. No more.

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