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Le 30 juil. 2007 à 21:40, Anne van Kesteren a écrit :
>> 3.4.3. The lang (HTML only) and xml:lang (XML only) attributes
>> Disappointed that this explicitly requires different attributes for
>> each serialisation (but can't offer a solution).
> I still think it makes some sense to allow lang= in both.

Note that the specification already handles the case where both  
values are present.

	"If both the xml:lang attribute and the lang
	attribute are set on an element, user agents
	must use the xml:lang attribute, and the lang
	attribute must be ignored for the purposes of
	determining the element's language."

It means that it is only a requirement for authors (and then a flag  
in a conformance checker) to use the appropriate value in each  

The xml:lang processing is given by XML specification. I do not see  
differences so far between the requirements in HTML 5 and XML. So  
HTML 5 could just refer to this section for the processing.

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