html5 nitpicks

(the mailing list was the only feedback method I found listed in the
current draft,;%20charset=iso-8859-1)

Section 1.3.1. Common conformance requirements for APIs exposed to JavaScript

Unless other specified, if a DOM attribute that is a signed numeric
type is assigned a negative value, a NOT_SUPPORTED_ERR exception must
be raised.
I assume that should be *un*signed

2.1.2. Resource metadata management
The compatMode DOM attribute must return the literal string
"CSS1Compat" unless the document has been set to quirks mode by the
HTML parser, in which case it must instead return the literal string
"BackCompat". The document can also be set to limited quirks mode
(also known as "almost standards" mode).

What is the literal string used to set limited quirks mode?

Is there a list of which quirks are supported in that mode?  (Is that
that purpose of the "As far as parsing goes" box just below?)

3.2.1. Common parser idioms
(and again in 3.2.6. Tokens)

As I read this, "here 'is the' string" tokenizes to the 4-tuple ('is,
here, string, the'), and the single-quote marks around 'is the' do not
function to group.  This should be called out explicitly. Lists of integers

A valid list of integers is a number of valid integers separated by
U+002C COMMA characters, with no other characters (e.g. no space
but the algorithm allows spaces.

I personally think spaces should be allowed, but if they aren't, then
the parsing should be explicit that this allowance is for error


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