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Just for the record,  I have followed the debate. Usually when I feel  
that someone is going too far, I send a private email to the person  
asking gently to be more considerate for other people. It is first a  
question of being polite and respectful, and acknowledge that the  
other person might feel uncomfortable with the way we are expressing  

I made a post in this sense a few months ago related to [attitude][1]

I would like that people in the HTML WG be very careful with *any  
public* records. It means IRC logs, twitter messages, weblog posts  
and mailing lists. These are accessible to everyone now and in the  
future. The search engines on the Web and even the log records are  
all about destroying the context of an information and then make it  
very hard to convey the right tone.

Le 31 juil. 2007 à 04:28, Sam Ruby a écrit :
> What surprised me, however, is the vitriol of the debate.  I felt I  
> was deified and painted as a religious zealot.  It had a chilling  
> effect on my participation.  What effect did it have on me?  Well,  
> I have an equally surgical proposal that I would like to discuss at  
> some point regarding namespaces.  But I've held back in the hopes  
> that at some point I would have enough emotional bandwidth to  
> sustain the predictable assault.

This feeling of insecurity in the discussion has been reported a few  
times to me. Some people decided to leave the HTML WG because of  
this. It is not good because it makes the group more homogeneous in  
some ways, and then remove part of the diversity which help to create  
interesting work. It can happen from many groups or persons,  
depending on the time and the circumstances of the discussion. Irony,  
humor, and frustrations are very difficult to handle in large  
multicultural (work, nationality, age, etc.) groups.

To *everyone* in people participating to this work, I would like just  
to remind a simple thing.

	Remember the human [2]


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