Re: Use Cases for The <canvas> Element

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> Karl Dubost wrote:
>> A few SVG examples taken in the wild and related for the use cases  
>> "is canvas elements really needed?"
> Canvas and SVG and complimentary, not competing.  While there is  
> some overlap in what can be achieved with them, bitmap and vector  
> graphics can co-exist and are optimised for different situations.
> This article contains a table comparing the trade-offs between  
> canvas and SVG.
> less-filling/

The distinction between SVG and CANVAS is not really one of vector  
versus bitmap graphics. Both SVG and CANVAS can handle either.

Also, the table you link to doesn't show that SVG cannot handle  
bitmap graphics so much as that implementations of SVG have not yet  
implemented those parts of SVG. If anything that article shows that  
these are competing technologies, and that SVG makes everything  
easier. I'm not saying that, but the table certainly does.

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