Re: ToolTips: bug or feature?

Smylers wrote:
>> Davids suggested tooltip attribute ain't a bad idea. It would remove
>> any ambiguity for authors as in @tooltip="visual tooltip",
>> @title="useful for additional information for not visual users",
>> @alt="alternate textual description here".
> No it wouldn't. [...]

Fair enough. My suggestion was on the foot of Davids' idea and I was
thinking primarily about authors (bless) as there is so much talk on
this list about making it easier for them - lest their brains burst no

> And having something as presentational as tooltip output being specified
> in HTML creates problems for all those user-agents which can't include
> tooltips.


> all those user-agents which can't include
>> tooltips.

Just out of curiosity, could you list a few? As that reads to me -
user-agents which don't support @alt or @title? Am I picking you up wrongly?

Tooltips are not about to go away (unless you wish to lobby browser
manufacturers to no longer render these @'s as tooltips), and many
authors still wrongly think of them as the 'tooltip thing'. What I *do*
think would be useful is if @title could being rendered by the browser
visually when the link receives focus via the keyboard and not just
onMouseover. If this bug/feature ain't going away then why not at least
stretch it to be more useful? Some users with limited mobility or users
with intellectual or cognitive disabilities _may_ find this feature
useful as there would be - rendered onscreen - additional information
that may explain the purpose of the link to them.

> What scenarios can you think of where an image would 'require' a tooltip
> and where title isn't sufficient?

Not many, in truth, off hand anyway.


Received on Monday, 30 July 2007 12:38:02 UTC