Re: Use Cases for The <canvas> Element

Patrick H. Lauke wrote:
> Lachlan Hunt wrote:
>> That's technically true, but in this case, we already have at least 3 
>> native implementations in Firefox, Opera and Safari
> Sorry to drag this on, but...if this is a valid path for discussion, 
> then, compare table headers attribute and their implementation in JAWS 
> etc. Why is THAT implementation less important than that of canvas?

It is a valid reasoning and is an advantage of the headers attribute 
over other solutions that meet that use case. However it does not follow 
that if <canvas> is accepted over scripting+<img> (the only serious 
alternative I remember being suggested for scripted production of 
bitmaps; SVG is used for an entirely different type of drawing that 
meets different needs and is substantially more complex to implement), 
headers must therefore be included ahead of any proposed alternatives; 
it also depends on the other arguments for and against the proposed 

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