Re: Title and Alt Attributes (was: Re: conflation of issues or convergence of interests?)

Philip Taylor (Webmaster) wrote:
> Maybe consider instead the views of those
> who understand the need for accessibility :

Most of that article is discussing problems with the title attribute, 
many of which should be addressed by UAs.  Problems concerning the 
content or misuse of the title attribute by authors obviously can't be 
fixed by UAs, but problems with the way in which its content is exposed 
to the user can.

The only point I could see related to the alt tooltip issue is:

* Screen magnification users: would have their access to information
   in an image’s ALT attribute blocked by a TITLE attribute, especially,
   a null one.

But even that issue was addressed in Hixie's article:

5. Users that need [alt displayed as a tooltip] can get it using

In other words, if you need access to the alt attribute, configure 
you're UA (if possible) or use appropriate assistive technology to 
expose it.  I will admit, however, that there may be few, if any, 
existing tools available to do so, which is a problem, but it's a 
problem that can and should be addressed by UAs, extensions or other 
assistive technology.

Lachlan Hunt

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