3.3. Documents and document fragments

I found this section a bit difficult to follow.

3.3.1. Semantics
Nice introductory text. I would remove the example on conformance,
maybe just append a statement to the previous statement that
"Documents which misuse semantics are said to be non-conforming." and
link that to a section that explains "conformance". I can't see a
section specifically about conformance (well, 1.3 does but it's very
high level), but I think that would be good. It should include
"validation" too, and "well-formedness" for XML serialisation.

3.3.2. Structure is unfortunately named I think. I expected it to be
about the "global structure of HTML documents" and this is about
conformance (1.3) and syntax (8). Maybe call it "Content models" ?

3.3.3. Kinds of elements. The categories listed seem mixed up and I
don't understand the value of it. Block/inline elements are explained
in subsections and metadata, interactive elements and forms are
covered in 3.7, 3.18 and 3.16 respectively. I'd only keep a little
introduction before jumping into the subsections on block/inline

Strictly inline-level content - I don't think embedded content belongs
here. Can video/audio only contain inline elements? This is not clear
to me, can anyone explain?

This whole section is quite complicated. I will have to read it a few
more times to make sense of it.
Thought I would share these initial thoughts anyway.

Received on Sunday, 29 July 2007 10:31:25 UTC