Re: conflation of issues or convergence of interests?

lachlan wrote, quote:
I said *readily available*.  Perhaps I should have said easily instead. 
  Selecting properties from the context menu and then reading the alt 
text in the dialog box is not particularly easy or discoverable for many 
users.  However, unlike video or audio, it's rare that users who can see 
the image would want to read the alt text.  But with multimedia, there 
are a variety of reasons why a user would choose the alternative format 
even if they could access the media.

alt is VERY easily available to those who can see an image -- in most 
GUI implementations, @title and @alt are rendered as ToolTips 

also, as i pointed out earlier, one culture's iconic conventions are
another's condundrum, so many many more users may be using @alt to 
clarify what precisely is meant by a graphical element of a document
instance than those who have it exposed to them aurally...

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