popularization of Unicode (was: Re[4]: guessing character encoding (was HTML WG))

  May be anybody prompt me any checked UTF-editor for Intel/Windows
for popularization in RuNet!?

>> Apealing to your experience, what text (not html) editor you prefer ?
RB> Well, I'm using Mac OS X and I typically use BBEdit which is a GUI
RB> text editor that I can invoke from the command-line. If I'm working  
RB> remotely, I typically use pico instead of vim, but it's is a weak  
RB> preference and I'm not particularly comfortable in either.
Thank you.
But with whole my respect (!), this advice is useless,
because "Apple" is _not_ used in Russia and Belorussia.

  By the way, Robert, maybe following information about these countries
will be interesting for you
(i think, similar situation is in all countries of former Soviet Union).
  Nearly _all_ computers in mentioned countries are Intel/Windows,
sometimes (really sometimes) Intel/Linux.
  During whole my life (i'm sure, that characterize countries instead of me),
i met: Sun in several places, but less than ten [half with Linux, half with Solaris];
DEC (with processor "Alpha") in three places [all with Linux];
Apple in only one place.
  Thus actually speech goes only about software for Windows and Linux.

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