Re: tabindex=bogus (detailed review of Semantics)

2007/7/26, Shawn Medero:
> I am not sure what IE 7 does... I don't have a free moment to reboot
> into Vista to find out either.

IE7's behavior is consistent with the current draft: in Simon's
example, "click me (4)" never gains focus (when "tabbing", focus jumps
from the "click me (2)" button right to the "innerHTML view" "show"
If you look at the "DOM view", neither "click me (2)" nor "click me
(4)" have a tabIndex attribute. "click me (1)" and "click me (3)"
however have a tabIndex attribute (with an uppercase I) with the
expected "-1" value.

Opera 9.22 converts "bogus" *and* "-1" to "0" but never gives focus to
"click me (3)" and "click me (4)".

(Tests done on Windows XP)

Thomas Broyer

Received on Thursday, 26 July 2007 17:51:15 UTC