Re: "Canonical" HTML5 and XHTML5 output

2007/7/26, Cecil Ward:
> Robert Burns wrote:
> > Outputting as html should work (am i missing something?).
> As far as XHTML5 is concerned: IMO you are never at liberty to use
> the output method=html from XSLT to generate XHTML because XHTML
> _is XML_

...and I don't think Robert ever said the contrary. I'm pretty sure he
was talking about the text/html serialization, which I think is
compatible with the one described in XSLT's <xsl:output method="html"
/> (given that HTML5 retains backwards compatibility with HTML4 and
thus don't introduce new empty elements that would otherwise be
incorrectly parsed by current UAs)

> Another point has occurred to me. HTML5 had better legalise <br />
> and <hr /> in both serializations, to legitimise all the valid XHTML 1.0
> out there that has to be selectively served as text/html according to UA.
> Please tell me that's the case?

It is:
"if the element is one of the void elements, then there may be a
single U+002F SOLIDUS (/) character."

Thomas Broyer

Received on Thursday, 26 July 2007 08:54:30 UTC