Re: extracting semantics Re: Namespace

On Jul 18, 2007, at 13:09, Ben Boyle wrote:

> Does this solve real problem? Exactly what problem?

There are well-supported and, to some people, useful elements in HTML  
4.01 Transitional. It would be good to keep the stuff that is useful  
to (at least to some) people. But there are another group of people  
who, as a matter of principle, objects to including anything  
considered "presentational" in the spec.

Tweak the definitions of the elements a bit to put semantic fig  
leaves on the previously "presentational" elements in the hope that  
the elements could make it past the second group of people.

The solution has backfired politically as a large part of the group  
of people who object to putting "presentational" stuff in the spec  
seems to be very uncomfortable with *any* tweaking of semantics.

Henri Sivonen

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