Re: unifying alternate content across embedded content element types

At 19:43 -0500 UTC, on 2007-07-15, Robert Burns wrote:


>> <p>A paragraph about Fluffy's kittenhood...
>> <img src="fluffy-yarn.jpg" alt="On Saturday, Fluffy was playing with a
>> ball of red yarn in my living room.  It was quite funny.">
>> <!-- no following paragraph -->
>> In this context, @alt is necessary to provide equivalent content for
>> the image.  Completely replacing the image with the @alt content
>> doesn't change the meaning of the document.
> Agreed here too. However, I think the first example might be better
> practice since it includes important information like "Saturday" and
> how the author found it "quite funny" that should be available to all
> users and that probably isn't apparent from the image itself.

It depends on the image. If the image conveys these things, they should be
part of the equivalent. If not, they should be part of the surrounding prose
(or not there at all, depending on what the author aims to convey).

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