Reflecting attributes: boolean (detailed review of the DOM)

(This is part of my detailed review of the Document Object Model section.)

The spec says in reflecting attributes:

    If a reflecting DOM attribute is a boolean attribute, then the DOM
    attribute must return true if the attribute is set, and false if it is
    absent. On setting, the content attribute must be removed if the DOM
    attribute is set to false, and must be set to have the same value as its
    name if the DOM attribute is set to true. (This corresponds to the rules
    for boolean content attributes.)

On setting, IE uses the value "true", Firefox and Safari use the value "",  
and Opera matches the spec, except it uses uppercase. I think the spec  
should be changed to match Firefox and Safari, i.e. s/have the same value  
as its name/the empty string/.

Simon Pieters
Opera Software

Received on Monday, 16 July 2007 13:32:45 UTC