Re: [W3C docs] We should teach by example.

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> On 7/6/07, Dan Connolly <> wrote:
>> I'm intrigued by the claim that source formatting contributes
>> to accessibility. I'm not at all persuaded; I would have to
>> see considerably more evidence. Josh Sled's reply is a request
>> for that evidence. I'm interested to see the discussion continue,
>> and I think it's a reasonable use of group email bandwidth.
>> --
>> Dan Connolly, W3C
> what I mean with accessibility on this issue is that we must ensure
> that the source code is viewable and understandable to any disabled
> person, be it that she has low vision or focus/attention disorders. We
> must assume that *they are* also authors, and they will surely look at
> W3C docs source for a quick reference on how things should be done...
> heck, may be they could even be translators like Alejandro and me, I
> guess there's no more requirement to be a translator than to fully
> know the language you are using.
> In a nutshell, that was my main reason to send this to public-html and
> not other list.
> I agree with Robert Burns in that XML-like syntax is easier to read,
> human readability of the code is a must if we are to encourage
> standards compliance, as that generally requires authors to go
> manually checking the code.
> regards,
> Gonzalo Rubio // gonchuki

I like well written html as much as the next guy but this isn't really
_important_ right now. Besides, any page I view source of looks perfectly
formatted thanks to an htmltidy plugin I have.

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