Foster parenting characters (detailed review of parsing algorithm)

(This is part of my detailed review of the parsing algorithm.)

Since space characters are unconditionally not foster parented, the  
results of the tree builder are inconsistent with Gecko and WebKit  
DOM and rendering and with Presto rendering. If you have the  
character tokens "foo bar" and the current node is "table", "foobar"  
get foster parented and " " doesn't according to the current draft.  
WebKit and Gecko foster parent "foo bar". Presto seems to achieve  
results that render similarly except the space renders as a line  
break (by foster parenting in the CSS box tree?). 

Tested Firefox, Minefield 2007070904, Opera 9.20, Safari  
2.0.4 and WebKit rev 21967.

Henri Sivonen

Received on Tuesday, 10 July 2007 18:36:18 UTC