Re: edge issues with DOM, text/html, and xml serializations [was Re: handling fallback content for still images]

Robert Burns wrote:
> On Jul 9, 2007, at 9:34 AM, James Graham wrote:
>> Robert Burns wrote:
>>> Despite some confusion on these issues, there isn't a single
>>> right way to do these things and the sooner we can acknowledge
>>> that the easier our task will be.
>> If you're talking about XML parsing there really is only one way to do
>> it; the DOM you get is determined by the XML spec. Any browser that
>> does something different has a bug.
> I've been working with primarily XML for nearly a year now (CSS and DOM
> and translation). And I can tell you it's not as unambiguous as you
> might think. There's definitely ambiguity and there's room to clear up
> ambiguity. The XML spec is most clear on well-formedness. After that,
> there's wiggle room.

Instead of just stating "there's wiggle room", please could you give
examples of where such room exists?  It's very hard to understand any of
the issues involved based on such vague statements.

Andrew Sidwell

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