Re: Wiki Section for Draft Reviews

On Mon, 2007-07-09 at 04:41 -0500, Robert Burns wrote:
> I organized a section on our HTML Working Group Issues page to link  
> to draft review wiki pages:
> <>

I think it's very helpful to have an _index_ of reviews by
section kept in the wiki, but please send the reviews themselves
by email.

If the review messages raise new issues, feel free to add
to the issues list, keeping in mind the obligation to summarize
other points of view.

> You can copy the links that are already there to keep the  
> hierarchical arrangement consistent when adding new pages. TRo help  
> the editors as much as possible, I also think the thing to do is also  
> try to link to the mail archive threads, other wiki pages (e.g., for  
> Working Group Issues) with related issues (and anything else) as much  
> as possible.
> Also, since there are multiple WG members reviewing each section or  
> subsection, signing the various comments would help with follow-up on  
> any issue.

Again, let's just use email for signed reviews.

>  I think intermingling comments from different reviewers on  
> the same topic would be helpful too as the editors review this  
> material. The WG member reviewers might even try to work together to  
> create a collaborative review. Just a few thoughts.
> Take care,
> Rob
Dan Connolly, W3C

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