Re: html5 syntax - why not use xml syntax?

Sorry, "... is /correctly/ treated as
the start of <body> matter"; the caveat
above about no browser of which I am
aware displaying the close-angle-bracket
applies equally to the (non-)termination
of the <head> element.

* Phil.
Robert Burns wrote:

 > I don't think that's correct. What UA are you testing this in? I don't
 > find those types of problems in the DOM when serialized from text/html.
 > I've tried WebKit and Gecko and neither of them exhibit these problems.
 > There has been a lot of confusion floating around that SGML parsers
 > referencing a particular DTD might exhibit these problems. However, as
 > others have said already, web browsers and most other HTML UAs are not
 > SGML based applications.

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