Re: handling fallback content for still images

Robert Burns wrote:
> [...]I'll just add that UAs not expect <img> to be empty. So we can't place any content inside the <img> tags. [...]

Thanks for that, I have found both yours and Henri's (terse) feedback

>> Rob, are you saying that you would like to see <object> used as a fully
>> interoperable element with all the various APIs that can handle <video>
>> ,<audio> etc instead of having <video>, <audio> etc in the spec?
> Yes, I would. And I would like to see it capable of achieving that with the simplest syntax, like:
> <object data='afile' >alternate content</object> 

Looks good to me too. I guess I would still like to see methods that
work continue to be supported while the machinery for the Brave New
World gets rolled out.

> I don't do web development for a living,

Well for an economist you sure could do a mean sideline in
development/accessibility :-)



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