Re: care with empty/template wiki topics [was: some thoughts on ...]

On June 29, Laura Carlson wrote:

>>>> Rationale based on design principles, for each and every
>>>> dropped/added/changed element and attribute should be supplied.

On June 29, Dan Connolly  wrote:

>>> Well, perhaps it should. By all means, please do provide it.

On July 1, Laura Carlson wrote:

>> Okay, I've started justification pages* for them in the wiki and added
>> links for them to the issues page
>> The framework is now there.
>> "Some" rationale is there. I did my best to help set things up. But as
>> Rob said, I am, like most of the working group is, in the dark
>> regarding rationale for previous dropped/added/changed element and
>> attribute decisions made by WHAT WG. Therefore much is lacking.
>> If anyone knows of further rationale please add it. If anything needs
>> revision, please revise it.

On July 5, Dan Connolly  wrote:

> Thanks for following up, but let's not make empty/template pages.
> Would you please delete the ones with nothing novel in them?
> I'll try to help.

It is very disheartening, to have a days worth of work deleted. I
devoted a day last weekend to setting up the framework and starter

Dan Connolly wrote:
> let's not make empty template pages. They just clutter things up.

All of the rational from the differences document had been
incorporated into the justification wiki starter pages. Jon had found
the starter page useful for him to begin the ping justification page.
Other group members may have also found the starter pages helpful,
especially members not having much experience creating wiki pages.

Was Jon's suggestion to leave the starter pages in place, but clearly
flag them [2] ever taken into consideration, before the starter pages
were deleted?

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