Re: handling fallback content for still images

2007/7/5, scott lewis:
> HTML5 is a language with two serializations (I'll call them): HTML/
> xml and HTML5/html. These are both representations of the same
> document. Both serializations of a document must parse identically,
> otherwise they aren't serializations of the same language. There is a
> simple test to ensure that: take a document in one serialization,
> parse it, generate the other serialization from it, then parse the
> other serialization and require the parsed documents are identical.

...with the exception of <tbody>'s in <table>'s (are there others?).

Converting this XHTML fragment:
to HTML and then back to XHTML will produce:
except if your converter is able to omit the <tbody> in the XHTML
re-serialization because it's the only child of the <table> (it means
that you're not just parsing and serializing a DOM tree).

Thomas Broyer

Received on Thursday, 5 July 2007 22:02:49 UTC