Re: handling fallback content for still images

On Thu, 05 Jul 2007 13:06:49 +0200, Robert Burns <> wrote:
> And you think that there is a clear demand for still images on the web?  
> So that still images don't need to be "first class citizens" with  
> "well-thought out fallback story"? I see still images in a great number  
> more of the pages I visit than I see video and audio. Again, I'm not  
> saying that we shouldn't provide those facilities, but it is very very  
> strange to here arguments for video and audio alongside arguments that  
> still images don't deserve the same "first class citizen" status.

Images have such a status. Browsers natively support multiple open formats  
for differnet type of images and there's an element in HTML almost since  
it was invented that caters for embedding such formats. The only flaw is  
that the fallback content for that element is not optimal, but there is no  
clear indication that it needs to be more than text.

Anne van Kesteren

Received on Thursday, 5 July 2007 11:32:49 UTC