Table-related element on the implied end tag list (detailed review of parsing algorithm)

(This is part of my detailed review the parsing algorithm.)

The spec says:
> When the steps below require the UA to generate implied end tags,  
> then, if the current node is a dd element, a dt element, an li   
> element, a p element, a tbody element, a td element, a tfoot  
> element, a th element, a thead element, a tr element, the UA must  
> act as if an end tag with the respective tag name had been seen and  
> then generate implied end tags again.

The table-related elements got in there a while ago:

As far as Anne and I can tell, the implied end tags of the table- 
related elements are already handled regardless of "generate implied  
end tags".

If the table-related elements are indeed not needed on the list, they  
should be taken out. If they are needed, a note explaining why they  
are there would be good to have.

Henri Sivonen

Received on Thursday, 5 July 2007 07:57:33 UTC