Re: Un-subscribe from public-html without leaving HTMLWG?

Karl Dubost wrote:
> Le 2 juil. 2007  18:53, Ben 'Cerbera' Millard a crit :
>> I would still be participating.
> How? Most of the work done is made in an asynchronous way by the  mailing 
> list?

* The web archive allows Participants to read messages without any being 
delivered to their inbox.

Participants can work on the wiki without receiving e-mails directly to 
their inbox. And if they remain as Participants, they could still send their 
research to the mailing list as desired by the Editors. They would also stay 
bound by the W3C policies which come with being a Participant.

* An HTMLWG Participant would send e-mail to public-html as necessary, even 
if they had chosen against having public-html mail delivered to their inbox.

Web professionals (like me) are a key user group for HTML. But their amount 
of free time is usually small and can change often. So let's say they leave 
the Group upon reaching a period with little free time. When they have more 
free time they try to rejoin the Group. But it takes many days for this to 
happen. By the time they are back in the Group, their period of more free 
time could be over. So they would have to leave again, having been able to 
contribute nothing.

If Participants followed your preferred approach, they would be forever 
rejoining and leaving. This would cause a lot of administrative overhead for 
W3C, and often preventing these Participants from contributing work.

Karl Dubost wrote:
> we could maybe define a better architecture for this group with different 
> kind of sub-groups.

I can't think of a way that would help. What did you envision?

> Karl Dubost wrote:
> Ben 'Cerbera' Millard wrote:
> > Correct. But people need to be on HTMLWG to participate in surveys.
> Surveys are a decision tool. The goal of the WG is to do work on  things. 
> See my question above.

>From what I understand, Participants need to answer surveys for the 
"substantial number of individuals" [2] clause to be met. This allows 
decisions to be made and work to progress. The surveys also ensure the WG 
follows the proper direction, with community support.

The request is: 'A feature for each Participant to turn on/off mailing list 
e-mails being sent to their inbox, whilst staying as a WG Participant.'

Is this is a clear enough description? If you have any more questions which 
prevent you passing this request on to the systems team, just ask. :-)

[1] <>
[2] <>

Ben 'Cerbera' Millard
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