Re: DI element [Re: html 5 and accessibility issue]

aurelien levy wrote:
 > and why not just implement a mix of for and headers attribut on dd
 > for something like:
 > <dl>
 > <dt id="term1">term 1</dt>
 > <dt id="term2">term 2</dt>
 > <dd for="term1 term 2">description<dd>
 > </dl>

That's very creative! I hadn't thought of that. I think that could be a 
usable solution that would be backwards compatible with current UAs.

My only concern would then be the extreme edge cases it could expose and 
how they would be handled/rendered, For example:

<dt id="term1">term 1</dt>
<dt id="term2">term 2</dt>
<dd for="term 2">description 2<dd>
<dd for="term1">description 1</dd>

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