Re: handling fallback content for still images

Robert Burns wrote:

> Would you mind trying something like this for fallback:
> <picture src="Acid2.png"> <object data="Acid2.png"> <param name="src"  
> value="Acid2.png" >fallback </object> </picture>

Just as I think the current debate about what one might
call the XML serialisation of HTML 5 is both premature
and (to be honest) rather pointless, I also think that
worrying about the /names/ of elements is much in the
same category.  That said, every time I read


I wince, because so many images are /not/ pictures in
any sense.  I wonder if we might tentatively adopt


as the name of a container element to augment the current
functionality of


Philip Taylor

Received on Tuesday, 3 July 2007 13:26:16 UTC