Re: DI element [Re: html 5 and accessibility issue]

On 7/3/07, Henri Sivonen <> wrote:
> > No, I'd want it to work just the same as <tbody>
> I just explained why handling it like <tbody> doesn't work.
> > (there's no implicit "tbody" in the DOM/API stuff is there?)
> The <tbody> element is inferred by the HTML parser if the tags are
> absent.

Hmm. Parsing is not my strong suit, forgive any misunderstandings ...

I just did a test here, a simple HTML doc with a table and no <tbody> elements.
Then I applied some styles:
tr > td {
 border: 1px solid blue;

tr > tbody > td {
 border: 1px solid red;

The borders are blue (Firefox 2). There is no "implied tbody" (as I
understand it, as an author!) I also tested <di> and it did nothing...
couldn't access it for styling. No surprise, it's not in any current

Parsing aside, I believe my use case still relevant for a <di>
element. Others have stated their cases.

XHTML2 also gives a rationale:
The term and its definition can be grouped within a di element to help
clarify the relationship between a term and its definition(s).

(I know, I know, put it on the wiki)

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