Define: Fall Back

Hello All,

Just a quick question.

Could someone please point out or define for me what we mean by the term
"Fall back" content? I don't wish to make an assumption about what it
means in WG parlance, as I was just re-reading my response to one of
Roberts mails and I could do with clarification.

> What I am suggesting is rather than considering these attributes as
> merely 'fall-backs', 

Do we mean?:

<nice shiny future element fall back="insert fallback content as it
doesn't work in older browsers">Stuff for nice shiny future
browsers<nice shiny future element />


<partially supported element>
insert fallback content as it doesn't work in IE
<fallback />
stuff for new browser
<partially supported element />

<stuff for visual users non-visual="stuff for assistive
technology">Stuff for visual users<stuff for visual users />

or similar?

Basically does the term (in WG usage) refer content for elements that
are not supported by the UA (in this case the browser) or is it content
for people with disabilities using assistive technology?

If it is the later I think we need to visit the definition drawing board.


Received on Monday, 2 July 2007 08:50:14 UTC