Re: html 5 and accessibility issue

Anne van Kesteren a écrit :
> On Sat, 30 Jun 2007 18:34:54 +0200, aurélien levy 
> <> wrote:
>> Because i can want to have my description visually before his term (i 
>> know i can achieve that with css but most of people simply choose the 
>> simplest way).
> That's similar to using <font size=4><b> instead of <h1>. If people 
> don't use markup correctly they're lost anyway. Inventing even more 
> complex markup that is not backwards compatible is not a way to solve 
> that problem I think.
it's not at all, in your case, the visual rendering is the same but the 
semantic is different, in my case the visual rendering is can be 
different and still have the same semantic (in the case of using di 
element or a for attribut mechanism)

An reel use example can be a jeopardy quiz.

Since what the author really need is a list of item with multi part 
content relationship for each item they use dl for that. They do things 
like list of citation (citation content, author, reference), photo 
gallery (caption,  picture), forum thread (message content, author 
reference). Maybe they do semantical mistake (semantic is a debatable 
and subjective subject) but actually it's still the only solution 
(except for the new figure element).

With reflexion the stylesheet solution for changing the visual rendering 
is not a solution because content's height of dd can change so i can't 
position it without some scripting to modify the position of each dt in 
regard of the dd height.

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