Re: html 5 and accessibility issue

At 14:23 +1000 UTC, on 2007-07-01, Lachlan Hunt wrote:


> You are incorrectly assuming that a textual alternative is needed to
> make content accessible.

Would you mind sharing what the correct assumption would be then?

I tend to use the term "textual alternative" because "fallback" appears to
confuse people about what the alt attribute is for. FWIW, Adobe speaks of
"text equivalents":

> Try doing some research into how formats like
> Flash, PDF and other plugins have incorporated accessibility features
> directly in themselves.

That would certainly be interesting. Any pointers much appreciated. But I
don't see how the features of individual plugins apply to the generic

If it's guaranteed that every file format that can be provided through
<embed> will allow authors to provide a decent fallback/textual
equivalent/alternative, then the only need for <embed> itself to allow for
its own fallback/textual equivalent/alternative would be if we consider that
necessary for cases where the resource cannot be loaded.

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