Re: The interpretation of script

On 20/01/2011 07:56, Robin Berjon wrote:
>Can't someone scare up a MathElement specification?

mathml2 had a full mathml dom spec including a hasFeature String

However the information we had from browser implementers and other 
mathml implementers was that either their implementations didn't use the 
DOM at all, or they just wanted to use a vanilla XML DOM and not the 
mathml specific parts. Keeping the mathml dom spec in sync with the 
language spec as we developed mathml3 would have been a lot of work with 
apparently zero users so we dropped it in mathml3 with a note to the 
effect that it could be brought back as a separate document (rather than 
a chapter in mathml spec) if there was demand.

Hopefully the current situation is just temporary and in fact any 
browser that implements html5 parsing will also implement mathml 
rendering, so there isn't too much of an incentive to formally spec a 
way to make that rendering optional.


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