Re: The interpretation of script

On Jan 18, 2011, at 15:55 , Norman Walsh wrote:
> Robin Berjon <> writes:
>> I don't think that we can work on this assumption. There are always
>> new languages being developed, an increasing number of which are
>> shimmed with JS in the browser. If one of them becomes particularly
>> popular though, it doesn't seem impossible that it might start being
>> supported directly in the browser. Transitioning to a state where
>> the shim could be done without would take a good decade, but that's
>> not such a scary time frame.
> So that which has been static data in thousands of legacy web pages will
> spontaneously become executed? Lovely.

Well the case that I'm thinking of is for code that's executed through a JS shim to become executed through the UA. Presumably the former would somehow check whether the UA can run it natively or not.

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