Re: The interpretation of script

Michael Kay scripsit:

> At that point anyone delivering MusicXML content is going to have to  
> worry about delivering it to two kinds of browser, those with native  
> MusicXML support, and those that handle it via a shim. How do we see  
> this being done? 

Either the shim or the server or both then need some mechanism to decide
whether native mode is available, and disable the shim if so.  This is
no different in principle from the need to decide whether JavaScript is
available and deliver down-level pages if not, only it's much simpler
and easier.

The alternative is to decide that people without native MusicXML aren't
your target market for the page, and just omit the shim altogether.
Again, this is paralleled by people whose pages just don't work if you
don't have JavaScript turned on, or who only give you the choice of
throwing a manual switch (as GMail does).

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