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{agenda} HTML WG Telecon 2010-11-18: status of actions, calls, issues, meeting schedule, timeline to LC status

From: Paul Cotton <Paul.Cotton@microsoft.com>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2010 17:48:59 +0000
To: "public-html-wg-announce@w3.org" <public-html-wg-announce@w3.org>
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The HTML Working Group will have its usual weekly teleconference on 2010-11-18 for up to 60 minutes from 17:00Z to 18:00Z.


Tokyo 02:00+1, Amsterdam/Oslo 18:00, London/Dublin 17:00,
New Jersey/York 12 noon, Kansas City 11:00, Seattle/San Francisco 09:00.

Chair of the meeting: Paul Cotton
Scribe: Maciej Stachowiak

(See the end of this email for dial-in and IRC info.)

== Agenda ==

1. ACTION items due by Thursday, November 18

a) ACTION-196: Ask the IANA designated experts if this would be an acceptable model [Julian Reschke]

b) ACTION-198: Update change proposal for bug 10594 and 10603 [Steve Faulkner]
Status: Should be marked as CLOSED since this action has been converted into a A11Y TF action.

c) ACTION-29: Follow up on the idea of a free-software-compatible license for a note on HTML authoring [Philippe Le Hégaret]

2. New Issues This Week:

a) ISSUE-142: No alternative text description for video key frame (poster)

b) ISSUE-143: Remove the newly added "s" element

c) ISSUE-144 (conforming-u): <u> should be conforming [HTML 5 spec]

Current tracker requests (two requests as of 09:30 PT on Nov 17):

3. Items Closed Last Week

Change proposals were received for:

a) ISSUE-125: charset-vs-quotes

b) ISSUE-126: charset-vs-backslashes

4. Items Closing This Week

a) ISSUE-128: figure-in-p, Call for further Proposals closes Nov 17

b) ISSUE-27: rel-ownership, Call for Advocates closes Nov 19

5. Items Closing Next TWO Weeks

a) ISSUE-118: broken-link-types, Alternate or Counter Proposals due Nov 21

b) ISSUE-127: link-type-flags, Change Proposals due Nov 21

c) ISSUE-129: aria-mapping, Change Proposals due Nov 21

d) ISSUE-122: shalott-example, 
Change Proposal: remove all specific alt guidance and deferring to WCAG closes Nov 27

6. New Calls this week

c) ISSUE-119: rel-repetition, Call for Counter Proposals TBD

7. New Surveys this week

8. Meeting schedule
The WG Weekly call on Thu Nov 25 is cancelled due to the USA holiday on that date.  The next WG Weekly meeting will be on Thu Dec 2.

9. Timeline to Last Call
- Dec 8, 2010 - all bugs filed by cutoff date addressed by editor
Consequences of missing this date: bugs still open past this date can be escalated to issues immediately if the originator so chooses.

The Editors are making good progress towards their Dec 8 deadline for processing of pre-Last Call bugs.  As of 09:30 PT on Nov 17 there were 20 pre-LC bugs to be processed:

10. Other Business

11. Scribe for next meeting (Thu Dec 2)

11. Adjournment

== Dial-in and IRC Details ==

Zakim teleconference bridge
+1.617.761.6200, +, +44.203.318.0479
code: HTML (4865)
Supplementary IRC chat (logged)
#html-wg on irc.w3.org port 6665 or port 80

Paul Cotton, Microsoft Canada
17 Eleanor Drive, Ottawa, Ontario K2E 6A3
Tel: (425) 705-9596 Fax: (425) 936-7329
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