HTML Working Group Status

* 301 unresolved bugs (-108 in last two weeks)
* 23 open issues (no change)
* Ongoing surveys: none
* Call for Proposals: ISSUE-117 (deprecate-noscript)
* Pending decisions:
  ISSUE-4, ISSUE-84, ISSUE-88, ISSUE-96, ISSUE-97, ISSUE-100, ISSUE-101,

We received the requirements document related to ISSUE-9 (video

Discussion is happening around ISSUE-27 (rel registry).

We now have a page to record formal objections:

We do have a formal objection against the decision of ISSUE-30
(longdesc). There is active and potentially productive discussion going

Bug 10066 (ISSUE-85 - ARIA mapping) has been split into smaller bugs and
the editor has been going through them:

No progress has been made related to ISSUE-74 (canvas accessibility).
This is pending the evaluation on how long it would take depending on
the solution.

New version of decision policy not released yet.

Testing front: We approved 25 canvas tests. Work is still on going on
the underlying test framework to make tests more automatic: we are now
going to allow reftests (but our framework will run them manually).
We're running into a serious limitation of the W3C test server
( it cannot run PHP code. This is preventing us from
hosting the XHR test suite at the moment and will affect the HTML test
suite in the medium term. We're looking for a solution.

There has been some discussion related to the HTML a11y TF charter and
whether the terms of the TF need to be changed. No proposal has been put
forward for the moment.

Following feedback from the W3C Team, the Working Group chairs are
actively working on a schedule to get HTML5 to Last Call.


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