RE: new tests for foreign-content math

The wiki has information on how to participate and how to license your work (tests) to the w3c if you are NOT a member.

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On Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 9:37 PM, Paul Cotton <> wrote:
>> Becoming an HTML WG participant is a pretty low bar, especially for anyone who already has a w3c account.
> Joining the HTML WG has definitive Patent Policy obligations and for some people that work for companies joining the WG might actually be a "pretty high bar".
> I agree with Philippe we should make sure there is a little barrier as possible to submitting tests.

I also agree that there's no reason someone should have to be an HTMLWG member to commit tests.  Anyone interested in submitting tests should be able to get commit access as easily as possible, without having to also subscribe to public-html or otherwise get involved in the HTMLWG.

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