Re: Can EME reach Recommendation without a charter extension?

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> I hope everyone had a nice holiday season and new year.

(In my part of the world the holiday season is different. But I hope everyone for whom it's relevant gets a decent Christmas/Hanukkah/New Year's break)

> I was hoping you
> could answer two questions about the status of EME:
> Will a charter extension be necessary before EME can reach Proposed
> Recommendation or Recommendation?

A working group cannot publish a specification if it is not in charter.

> Is there a deadline for the Advisory Committee's decision regarding the
> charter extension?

The decision will be a Director's decision. And there is no particular deadline requirement - "when it's ready and appropriate" is the expectation. 

> When this Working Group asked the Director for a
> charter extension, he declined to decide and delegated the decision to
> the Advisory Committee. However, that was months ago.

Actually, that isn't what happened.

The Director asked the AC for input, to avoid the risk of making a decision that didn't have the sort of consensus that W3C aims for. The AC gave that input, and it turned out that there wasn't consensus.

As far as I know, the director is still considering how to find a consensus. 

>From an individual perspective, it is important that this work is done within the W3C process - the effort so far has led to something substantially better than what we had, but there are still factors that suggest doing it W3C will be better than doing it outside.

Not least is that it seems W3C does have some chance of reaching a position that provides real support for security research - something that TimBL has recognised as a clear technical issue even if the root cause is socio-legal. Moving the work outside W3 seems unlikely to achieve anything near as good.

This is why we have worked to promote an approach that recognises current best practice. Enabling security research under "responsible reporting" procedures won't make the world perfect, but we believe it is an achievable and worthwhile goal.



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