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Re: [NEW] Media Task Force Wiki

From: Joe Steele <steele@adobe.com>
Date: Mon, 19 May 2014 22:12:18 +0000
To: Niels Thorwirth <nthorwirth@verimatrix.com>
CC: "<public-html-media@w3.org>" <public-html-media@w3.org>, David Dorwin <ddorwin@google.com>
Message-ID: <9C4BE09A-FDCF-44BE-87FB-3D671D8F5046@adobe.com>
Great idea. I will try to work on that tomorrow and see what makes sense. I will move my uses cases to the same page to make things less confusing also. 


On May 16, 2014, at 6:14 PM, Niels Thorwirth <nthorwirth@verimatrix.com> wrote:

> David,
> As I see it, the user-observable use cases you created are very helpful to provide one view of the required functionality.
> Joe’s use cases are sorted by DRM features and I believe they are required in parallel since elements like key-rotation and license counting should be an element of discussion but are not directly user-observable. 
> I suggest to maintain 2 categories of use cases. The 3rd category that we discussed in the f2f session was about specific mechanism like DECE, DLNA, DASH. We could maintain this as a 3rd list but I’d hope we can map those in either of the two other lists.
> Joe,
> Regarding your use cases, I’d suggest to further group them where your use cases could be in “License Management”; other categories could be “Content Management” that includes scenarios of e.g. content transfer and output control and “CDM Management”. I created this last category and added some use cases to it on the page you created.
> Best regards and have a nice weekend.  
> Niels
> From: David Dorwin [mailto:ddorwin@google.com] 
> Sent: Tuesday, May 13, 2014 7:32 PM
> To: Joe Steele
> Cc: <public-html-media@w3.org>
> Subject: Re: [NEW] Media Task Force Wiki
> As I said I would do in the telecon this morning, I documented the primary application models on the wiki. Since the Media_Task_Force wiki may eventually have other EME and non-EME information, I created a separate page for the EME use cases:https://www.w3.org/wiki/HTML/Media_Task_Force/EME_Use_Cases. I left the existing use cases as is, but they should probably be moved to the new page. (I believe the first two are covered by the first application model.)
> David
> On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 8:10 AM, Joe Steele <steele@adobe.com> wrote:
> We setup a new wiki page to capture use cases, external references and other useful information: https://www.w3.org/wiki/HTML/Media_Task_Force
> David pointed out on the call this morning this may have been automatically archived by folks as it was part of the last minutes email. 
> The goal is to list use cases for EME and categorize them. This way we can have a clearer idea of what is supported and what is NOT supported. I have added a few use cases up there already you may recognize.
> Please take a few minutes to review and contribute. 
> Joe Steele

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