Re: Streaming with Media Source

Le 26/03/2014 19:19, Aaron Colwell a écrit :
> If you just want to send raw chunks of arbitrarily formated media 
> files, then you are out of luck right now. I'm not aware of any web 
> platform API that will let you do this.
???, that's a basic requirement, the fact is that I can not turn the 
chunks flow into a stream, so I can not srcObject=stream or 

There is 0 difference between what I want to do and the usual fetching 
of an audio/video source, it's absurd that this can not be done, we have 
plenty of APIs inventing their own streams, that's absurd too, they will 
face the problems of not correctly specified streams (like current 
discussion in WebRTC about backpressure), and they just don't address 
basic things.

This is a recurring mistake that was made in all W3C APIs not taking 
care of delta data (xhr, file, indexedDB, etc), Data Channels are taking 
care of this but this example shows that it's not usable, maybe it's 
time to fix all this.

I know this group is not the place to debug stuff but all examples 
(including Jay's one) seem to take care about how you appendBuffer 
chunks in MSE, the process I used is very determinist passing the chunks 
to MSE and this just does not work in Chrome, the codecs are correct, so 
I will retry but could you please highlight some code/living example 
just passing chunks without taking care of the fragmentation to MSE? (I 
did not find any, including in the code of some p2p/webrtc projects I 
know, and here the project is not about distributing fragmented mp4)

My personal feeling too, is that the 'updating' property and 
'onupdateend' event are not usable neither adapted, we should be able to 
stream chunks to MSE without taking care of this, or chain promises, 
apparently this has been defined some time ago just to append the 
initialization segment and this does not apply any longer.

Jay, right now what I have tried is supposed to be basic, but does not 
work, I hope it will, we can discuss offline too.



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