[Bug 13034] Consider [TreatNullAs=EmptyString] for some reflected attributes


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--- Comment #6 from Travis Leithead [MSFT] <travil@microsoft.com> 2011-09-29 20:56:07 UTC ---
I've been meaning to do an exhaustive test of our DOM in order to document any
exceptions we may have to the default null->"null" and undefined->"undefined"
conversions... so thanks Aryeh!

These conversions (and APIs!) are carryovers from our classic behavior--I don't
have any data on what the web compatibility story might be like for these.
Considering that old versions of IE are probably the biggest consumer of these
APIs from a compatibility standpoint, I think the safest approach for web
compat is to simply call out each of these in HTML5 with the
[TreatNullAs=EmptyString] annotation. As was said before, its a pretty short

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