[Bug 12544] <video> MEDIA CONTROLLER requires track kind for in-band tracks


--- Comment #15 from Mark Watson <watsonm@netflix.com> 2011-09-26 21:34:45 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #14)
> I am blocked here on seeing spec text for other video formats that support this
> concept, since I intend to avoid speccing types that don't map to anything
> (since having such types wastes author time, as we've seen with many such
> features in the past).


Please check section of the MPEG DASH specification, available at

As I have argued above, HTML provides a perfect integration point where things
that are signalled in different ways in different containers can be mapped to a
common, container-independent language, which is what page authors want to see.
It is not a waste of anyones time to define common-language terms for
well-defined concepts that are clearly required and that are already in use, if
not yet in the web context. This provides an incentive for container formats to
add the necessary signalling. [but to be clear, it may well be a waste of time
to define common-language terms for concepts which are not well-defined or not
yet in use anywhere].

Put another way, your argument above could equally be given by a container
designer who says there is no point in marking a stream with some indication
which could never be passed to the HTML presentation layer. Someone has to go
first and it makes more sense for this to be the common-language name in HTML,
not the container-specific name.

The above comments are largely targeted at clean audio, which I believe is the
one remaining category not included in either the LC HTML draft or the DASH


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