[Bug 13176] The bounds of canvas fallback content, as rendered on the canvas, are not provided by the user agent to an assistive technology.


--- Comment #20 from Rich Schwerdtfeger <schwer@us.ibm.com> 2011-09-26 21:25:58 UTC ---
I was avoiding an escalation as I believe that Ian closed it without having
adequate information in his decision. We believe he has that now (see my
response below). The task force was waiting a week for a response from Ian
before we actually escalated it. 

If you think we need to escalate this to have it resolve then please consider
this an escalation. 

Note: I might add that no proposal is being filed on this as I am waiting for
Maciej to respond with the last proposal related to Issue 131. Maciej stated
that he needs all changes to the spec. be made against the existing one in
draft and he wants diffs. We are waiting on that one to be processed first. I
understand Maciej is on vacation. 

Please advise.

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