[Bug 14029] normative reference to specification whose author/editor is undisclosed


--- Comment #14 from Boris Zbarsky <bzbarsky@mit.edu> 2011-09-06 04:47:39 UTC ---
Glenn, I have no way to verify that the person commenting on this bug has
anything to do with that callsign, or with the address associated with that

More importantly, it doesn't matter.  Your identity as an amateur radio
operator, as well as your postal address, are completely irrelevant to your
activity in the W3C.

You may not care that you have to make your mailing address public as a
condition of participation in certain fields of endeavor or in certain
discussions, but other people most certainly do care.  And for people living in
many countries (of which the US is thankfully not one), the ability to
participate pseudonymously may be quite important indeed.

As for ad-hominem arguments... this whole bug report starts with an ad-hominem
argument, as far as I can tell.  From what I see, your issue is with the mere
existence of a pseudonym, and your last comment just reinforces that.  I don't
see how that existence makes patent claim issues any more complicated than they
already are, as you claim it does in comment 0, and you don't seem interested
in explaining what the real issues the pseudonym is causing are.  If there are
any, and not just random prejudice against pseudonyms on your part.

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